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Anshu Pragyan Das

A forest officer who has experienced working in both the Tiger Reserves of the State, Similipal and Satkosia Tiger Reserve. Currently serving as the DFO, Hirakud Wildlife Division, Sambalpur, she has successfully relocated 400 families from Debrigarh during 2021-22. She has strategically worked for conservation initiatives at Satkosia and has also co-authored the book "Birds of Satkosia Landscape". She is a writer, a wildlife photographer and feels blessed to be in a profession which gives the opportunity to see the treasures of nature.

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Satkosia: Seen & Unseen

Nestled in Eastern Indis, Satkosia Tiger Reserve is the land of mountains, brooks & valleys. Spreading over 963 Sq.Km. on both sides of river Mahanadi, the Reserve represents an awe-inspiring vista. It owes its name from "Sat- kosh" or the Seven miles long Gorge in Mahanadi, formed by several geological processes. The Tiger Reserve sits on the confluence zone of Eastern Ghats & Deccan Peninsula.

The Tiger land is home to hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians including several threatened & endangered species.This convergence zone of habitats  provides a crossroads for a variety wildlife. 

Elephants, Leopards, Sambars, Bisons, Chowsingha, Chittal, Giant Squinels, Dholes, Porcupines and many different, wildlife survive in the woods of Satkosia moving frantically inside the forest. 

The book is an attempt to capture the grandeur of Satkosia and present its diverse & breathtaking fauna and flora in the Coffee Table Book format. 


Download the High Resolution (33MB) coffee table book in PDF here

About Anshu

Mrs. Anshu Pragyan Das presently working as Divisional Forest Officer, Hirakud 
Wildlife  Division  at  Sambalpur  &  Bargarh  Districts  of  Odisha  has  worked 
extensively in the field of Forest & Wildlife Conservation for last 14 years in 
different capacities at Similipal Tiger Reserve, Satkosia Tiger Reserve & State 

Her valuable contributions towards transforming the lives of people in 
and around Satkosia Tiger Reserve by fulfilling their basic life requirements of 
electricity, road & livelihood,  brought her wide acclaim as a forest officer & social 
reformer in the landscape. From community Ecotourism to wildlife conservation 
her journey has created many success stories benefitting the forest dependent 
communities in wildlife areas. She is the women behind the successful Badmul 
Eco-tourism project at Nayagarh District which  transformed the lives of many 
villagers in the area. This first community driven project of its kind in state, is 
earning revenue of Rs.1 crore every year till date. She also brough in the concept 
of Eco-village at Satkosia by transforming one forest dependent village to a self-
dependant one. Odisha’s 1st canopy walk was her innovation build by local 
villagers under her leadership. She is also the architect of innovative programmes 
in Ecotourism like poachers- turned-protectors and Spider Talk. Between 2016 to 
2019, she has been the strength behind successful Gharial Conservation,control 
of traditional hunting at Satkosia & worthy to mention, the brain behind cracking 
illigal pangolin trade racket in eastern India after arrest of a wanted wildlife 
smuggler by her.

She is a writer, wildlife photographer, birder and a sports person. She has 
authored  three  books “Satkosia  Seen  &  Unseen” (Photographed  by  her  &
appreciated by Honble CM, Odisha), “Birds of Satkosia Landscape”  & “Ecotour 
Odisha”. She has written many articles on Wildlife Conservation & Ecotourism.

She is also receipient of the Prestigious “Earth Heroes Award 2020 by Natwest India for her dedicated work in the field of Wildlife Conservation & Ecotourism. She is also listed among one of the Ten Heroes of Sustainability'2020 selected by Better-India  across  India.  She  is  also  recipient  of  Devi  Awards 2020  for innovations in Ecotourism being felicitated by Hon’ble CM, Odisha. She has also been awarded with FICCI Women’s Award 2021 for her commitment towards Forest & Wildlife Conservation. She is also recipient of Times Power Womens Award 2021 for her contribution towards Forest & Wildlife Conservation.


She is also a visiting faculty of Wildlife Conservation  & Ecotourism at different academic and training institution like CASFoS, Deheradun, Forest Officers Training Institute at Coimbatore, Revenue Officers Training Institute, Bhubaneswar etc.


Her belief : Beyond conventional wisdom we should work for achieving our goals.

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