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Located 20 KM from Puri and 84 KM from Bhubaneswar, Brahmagiria quaint place in Odisha derives its name - from mythology- legend has it that Lord Vishnu pleased with Lord Brahma's devotion named this place after him- Brahmagiri literally means Brahma's hill- the place is of religious importance for Hindus- The Baliharchandi mandir – the presiding deity is Asta-Bhuja (Eight-Armed) Mahisamardini Durga worshipped as Baliharachandi. The deity is also regarded as goddess of water and navigation, who protects the boatmen and fisherman, when confronted with danger in the sea. Besides being of religious importance, the Temple located on the banks of river Bhargavi is also an ideal picnic spot.

Lord Alarnath Mandir

Alarnath is the form of Vishnu- carved out of black stone-as prescribed by the Lord himself to Brahma- It is believed that those who cannot worship Lord Jagannath during his stay in the sick chamber can get the blessings of the deity if they visit the Alarnath temple. This particular legend has its root to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Chaitanya claimed that he visualised the appearance of Lord Jagannath in Alarnath and spent a long period in worshipping the deity here. While visiting the Lord Alarnath Temple – try the kheer is served as an offering to the lord- it’s just tastes something special. Legend has it that Lord Vishnu was so enamoured by the aroma emanating from the hot kheer served to him that he consumed it without letting it cool down, hence got a blackened face as is depicted in the idol. The priest’s cover the face with sandalwood which acts as soothing balm and also covers up the face.

History and religion aside Brahmagiri is an awesome place for nature lovers- the pristine secluded beach, the rivulet which connects the sea are teeming with wild life and a bird watchers delight- and of course if you are not a fussy eater - the local sea food will keep your taste buds in state of absolute bliss!!!

Where to Stay

One has the option of staying at Puri and visiting Brahmagiri…but if you want to experience the charm of this place, do stay at The Sun & Sea Resort

The resort is a part of the Brahmadeva Nature based tourism project, located at Sipasarubili near the famous Baliharchandi temple. Strategically located off the main road, the resort is right at the junction with Satpada (Chilika Lake) being 35KM away and Konark – 60 KM.

The resort is spread over 90 acres of land and the river Bhargavi flowing through it…one can take a boat ride and cross over the casuarina forest and land up on a pristine beach overlooking the sea...the beach is mostly secluded save for fishermen who come to fish early morning and evening. One can even buy freshly caught fish and if you are of the adventurous type enthralled by the Man Vs Wild programme in the Discovery channel – you can take this opportunity to relive your own Man Vs Wild moment- go ahead and collect dry twigs from the casuarina bushes and make a fire burn the fish…season it with lime n salt...believe me it just tastes awesome.

One can spot the jackals, pied kingfisher, green bee-eater, black capped kingfisher, herons and host of other birds and small animals as one takes the boat ride from the rivulet to the sea.

The resort rooms are big & basic but very comfortable and clean…once here go for traditional Odia cuisine and you won’t be disappointed.

The resort has pick up and drop facility from either Bhubaneswar Airport or Station @ Rs.1500/- for one-way journey & Puri railway station @ Rs.600/- for one-way journey.

Check in – 12 pm; Checkout – 12pm

The resort has a Corporate office in Bhubaneswar –

Ph - +91 674 3461269

(M)- +91 9437005370

The Hotel contact no’s: -

(M)- +91 9937005370

Important Information

  • Please note that credit or debit cards are not accepted here, so it’s better to carry cash.

  • Avoid travelling at night


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