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Trips from Puri

If you prefer to stay in Puri Town, and are done with the various sights and locations, you can also plan multiple day trips from the city. These destinations are all within 50 kms from the city and provide various activities & attractions for all age groups.

Marine Drive

The stretch between Puri & Konark along the Marine Drive is an experience to be savoured. The stretch is dotted with interesting little pockets at almost every turn which makes the journey from Puri to Konark all the more enthralling. Balukhand forest reserve- this forest dotted with casuarina & cashew nut trees along the coast offers beautiful scenery. Two rivers Nuanai and Kushabhadra passes though the reserve. Spotted deer, common cobra, hare, jungle cat, the rare black buck (“Baliharina” as locals call it), jackals apart from various other birds inhabit this sanctuary.


Located 20 KM from Puri and 84 KM from Bhubaneswar, Brahmagiria quaint place in Odisha derives its name - from mythology- legend has it that Lord Vishnu pleased with Lord Brahma's devotion named this place after him- Brahmagiri literally means Brahma's hill- the place is of religious importance for Hindus- The Baliharchandi mandir – the presiding deity is Asta-Bhuja (Eight-Armed) Mahisamardini Durga worshipped as Baliharachandi. The deity is also regarded as goddess of water and navigation, who protects the boatmen and fisherman, when confronted with danger in the sea. Besides being of religious importance, the Temple located on the banks of river Bhargavi is also an ideal picnic spot. Read More


Located 55 Km from Puri and 120 KM from Bhubaneswar, this part of the Chilika lake is famous for the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins. These magnificent creatures just make the adrenalin pump a bit harder with their breathtaking presence. The sea mouth where the Chilika lake merges with the Bay of Bengal is a must visit. Read More


A heritage crafts village located 14km from Puri, along the banks of the river Bhargavi. The tourists can take the Bhubaneswar road along the NH 203 near Chandanpur. Upon reaching Chandanpur bazar, take a right turn to Raghurajpur. Raghurajpur is located at a distance of 1.5km from Chandanpur. One should also visit Daanda Sahi which is on the left side of the Chandanpur Bazar. Read More

Sakhi Gopal

aA small town located 20km to the west of Puri, is named after Lord Sri Krishna who presides over the temple as Sakshi Gopal. Read More

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