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Gopalpur, Ganjam

The languid beach with coconut and casuarinas groves on the coast of Bay of Bengal was once a major port under the British East India Company. Located 45KM from Rambha this quaint and pristine stretch of Odisha’s golden coastline offers a calming effect to your senses.

In the morning and evening the beach comes alive with camel and horse riding options for tourists along the beach, an early morning stroll to the main beach area one can see fisherman hauling their fresh catch to the fishing godowns to be transported to rest of the country. If you are a fish lover, you can lay your hands on the lobsters and other varieties of sea fish at price which is far off the shelf price at your city fish market.

During the time of the British occupation of India, Gopalpur part from the port was the most sought after destination in the state, as this was the only place in Odisha pre independence which boosted of a hotel. The Palm Beach resort now known as Mayfair Palm Beach Resort was designed and built by Italian Signor Maglioni in 1914. During the world I (1914-1918) and World War II (1938-1945) Gopalpur witnessed movements of troops and supplies to Rangoon.

Where to stay:-

Gopalpur Panthanivas – similar in construction to Rambha Panthanivas, though lacks a bit in maintenance, offers a spacious and comfortable stay.

Check out time – 8 AM

Ph – 0680-234 3931

Email –

Website –

The best option is to log onto the OTDC website and book online

Mayfair Palm Beach Resort Gopalpur – The resort originally constructed in 1914 as mentioned above comes with the heritage tag attached to its name. The Mayfair group took over the reins of this beach resort in 2003 from the Oberoi group who were in possession of the Palm Beach Resort from 1947-2002. The resort offers the touch of opulence and luxury in this otherwise small hamlet.

Check In: 2 PM

Check Out: 12 PM

Ph: +91-9237500101


Important Information –

  1. Enlist the help of the local sea watcher’s locally called “Nulia” while bathing in Gopalpur sea


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